Two Poems by Asmi

I am Asmi, a fifteen year old from Delhi who likes to write-

in peace , in pain
in hope, in vain
in freedom, in chains
1. Black Paint
she is a rose
in a world of those
who want her to be,
merely be
but she bonds
with everything
even with her thorns
she tried to cut them off once
knowing they would grow back with time
that made her quite
and vulnerable
but so did her mind.
yes she has a mind
which surprisingly
walks with her heart,
it’s like their feet are tied together
in the same way she ties up her life,
maybe she ties it way too tight
she is so confident,
she knows it won’t break
as she walks towards the east
she finds her peace
and she puts it out there
in front of them,
they ask her
how did you unwind your flaws?
black paint drips from her brush
while she chuckles and says
I never allowed them to wind.
2. Box of Air
Open, close, open, close, open, close
its so dark,
It doesn’t even make a difference
whether they’re closed or open
Maybe that’s how it’s going to be now
But then if I try to hear,
There is a difference
out there
For some it’s the wolves, for some it’s gunshots, for some it’s nothing
Here, we never realised when this nothingness turns into sirens.
Red blaring sirens,
shouting their hearts out
they never get tired
they never stop
at night
in the dark,
the pitch black jar,
it doesn’t have holes
to let us breath these days
The sirens wake you up.
make you look around,
amidst the perplexity,
make your temples wet and throats dry
put you to question your existence
They make you
their presence
So let me send you a box of coloured papers
and you send me
a box of air


I am Asmi, a sixteen year old from Delhi who likes to write-
in peace , in pain
in hope, in vain
in freedom, in chains

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