Rajorshi Patranabis’s Two Poems

Rajorshi Patranabis is a poet who has a penchant for experimentation with forms of poetry.  With numerous collections to his credit in different forms, his style is unique. He uses very few words to weave his verses, letting the reader dig deep to decipher meaning from splashes of colours and poetic devices such as oxymorons and alliterations arranged cryptically . He makes use of internal rhyme. Patranabis uses words as symbols rather than draw detailed images to convey meaning. In poems like ‘Muted’ he doesn’t utter the word ‘Durga’ or ‘Mahishasur’ but conveys in a minimalist tone the essence, irony and novelty of approach to the deity.




Autumn tiptoes silently

Time recalls memory

Celebrate murder


Murderer is power

Murdered is devil

Frames lit up


Flowers round the killer

Arsenals crackle

The killed smiles too


Worshipped in unison

Devil also celebrates

Creation or obliteration


Dazzles infuse black to form white

Divine looks on muted


2.Rustic pen


crimson was your colour

cluttered white stooped

dabbled into your draped eyes

red screamed in agony

my rustic pen scribbles to rhyme



Bio note:

Rajorshi Patranabis is a multilingual poet, editor, translator and reviewer dabbling into different forms of poetry. He has this knack of writing in fewer words with a lot for the readers to ponder about. A food consultant by profession and a Wiccan by philosophy, he has eight collections of poetry ( seven in English and one in Bengali) and two collections of translations.

He has collections of sonnets, haibun, haiku and free verses. Due to his prolonged exposure to the Wiccan philosophy, his poems have a strong touch of spiritual depth, as well as, a feministic trait. His works have many such poems, where in, he has written as a woman, walking down the weird nuances of feminism.

He is credited for the first ever collection of Gogyoka titled The Last drop of your Tears, published by Hawakal Prokashona and launched at World Book Fair, 2023, New Delhi.



  1. Crossover – Love beyond eternity
  2. Feriwala (Bengali love poems)
  3. Pregnant (Sonnets)
  4. Solstice (Haiku)
  5. Through your Eyes (Ghazal)
  6. Shaktirupen (Sonnets about women characters of Ramayana and Mahabharata)
  7. Palette (Haibun)
  8. The last drop of your tears (Gogyoka)


  1. Nirjon Soikot – Luit Hooghly (Assamese and Bengali)
  2. Ramp (Assamese and English)


Rajorshi Patranabis

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