Let the mind be with fear
Oh, Lord, because the fearless mind is becoming ferocious.
Let the head be not held high
Oh, Lord, because when it is held high ,
it’s unable to see fellow men as equals.
Let us not have knowledge,
Oh, Lord, the more knowledgeable we are, the more we fight.

Let the world be divided,
Oh, Lord, if the division helps the world to live in peace.
Let the world be silent
Oh, Lord, what’s the use of speaking truth which is the cause of hatred.

Let us be imperfect,
Oh, Lord, because what’s the use of perfection which makes us arrogant?
Let all the reasoning die,
Oh, Lord, because the more we try to reason, the more we fight.

Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into an ocean of love and brotherhood,
Into that heaven of peace, my father
Let my country awake.


Aruna Prasad

Worked as English teacher for a few years. Readaholic. I believe literature is a powerful tool which can bring a change in the society.

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