déjà vu

this morning

warms up

dispassionately reflecting

me and myself


the noisy clatter of chirping birds

and the sounds of the crying babes

are turning into smooth silence

on my ears


my static existence

like a dumb life

amidst the tables chairs

and this sprawling diwan bed

watches its own presence with no bias


i try to watch

the frozen patches of light and wind

torn amidst the branches of a tree

with eyeballs of frozen glass


think i am turning

into an unspoken context and

melting into a silent portrait

of muted witness


i do feel like sinking

into a déjà vu

in a stream of silence

a  mechanical tide of stillness

hanging in an airy vacuum



the nodes of the drying branches sprout

joy peeps out

softness rolls into a bud


cheer blooms

smile of a tiny dew drop waits

buds dawn into flowers


hopes spread

hearts whisper

cherry blossoms become palms



Vijay Koganti and Padmaja Kalapala

Dr. Vijay Koganti is a Professor of English, working in Govt. College for Women (A)Guntur. He is a passionate teacher as well as a Teacher Trainer, whose love for students results in his sharing of many student centered teaching methods. But his heart as a creative writer lies in his poetry, which is as fresh as a rainbow on a cloud cast sky. Apart from being a bilingual poet, writer and translator, he is an avid reader and an adept critic too. His first collection poetry, Ila Ruvvudaamaa Rangulu(2017), has received Sri Nagabhairava Sahitya Puraskaram.

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