Reminiscing the cute moments again and again I was blushing with shy, then came his call saying something terribly happened and asked me to hurry up to the hospital. With that I had shivers running all over body. I was shocked for a moment and was not able to believe what he told. Coming back to my senses I grabbed my bag and slipped into whatever shoes I found and started for the hospital hastily. ‘Has he met with an accident? Or did he make one? this can’t happen… everything would be fine.. stay calm.. Relax! God damn! How can I relax!!!! What exactly happened??’

All these were the thoughts running in my head making me more crazy to the added tension. After reaching the hospital, I was desperately running towards the lobby and ‘Ah! There he was!’ As if he was waiting for his date to come. Not knowing what to do, I ran towards him and stood right in front him gasping with difficulty… and started scolding and hitting him for lying to me and also cried in joy that he was alright.

He then calmed me down and asked me to come with him without questioning his actions, I agreed and followed him to an ECG Testing room. Unaware of what’s about to happen, I was so tensed and a technician came and fixed the electrodes on to my body and he laid there by my side on the other bed having the electrodes fixed to him. Being startled about the act I was about to question him but he stopped me with his fingers. Then the moment came which I had been dreaming about since a very long time, also which I thought would never happen! He was on his knees and he sighed the technician to switch the lights off and go.

There he was holding a rose which was as red as blood, shimmering in the candle lights all over the room, his face was glowing bright with feelings of both excitement and fear (umm… not exactly fear but it’s something more than shyness). Uttering his first words, he caught hold my hand which made my heart skip a beat. Oh no! a few beats indeed… He continued extending his rose, “I want you to know that I had feelings for you since a very long time. but it took me this day to express and let all my feelings out. So you could guess how serious I am about this special thing we share. I think I made you wait a long time but now I realise that its time we should name our relationship and I believe you feel the same too… I love you, I always did and I’ll always do. No matter what happens I am here for you whatever let the situation be. So dear, will you be by my side for the rest of my life?”


I didn’t know how many beats my heart skipped for every word he said. I was waiting desperately from a very long time since the day I recognised what I feel for him. The feeling was unique, I had crushes before but they were different, I never felt like I couldn’t live without them and I just thought about it only when I come across them. But after meeting him I was only thinking about him in any work I do but it is very irrational for an ‘anti-love’ person like me. Yes! You heard it right, I was against love these days where people fall in love within few days of friendship, and forget that there is also a relation called friendship, and have break ups within weeks! So for a person like me it’s very hard to fall in love…but, I did… and had been waiting for this day. “Yes!” I said all of a sudden with adrenaline levels so high rushing through my blood, I continued “I had been waiting for this moment from a very long time but not had just enough courage as you did. I promise to be by your side in all ups and downs of our life together on this day and the days to come. I love you… I love you more than you can ever imagine.” saying this I closed my eyes and grabbed the rose. We leaned forward to join our foreheads together and shared few moments of silence, we could hear our hearts beat’s intertwine and breathes very heavy, we were reminiscing what had just happened and what would happen in future. Then we moved apart for a moment and the lights got on with the entry of the technician into the room asking us to remove the electrodes and wait outside the room for few minutes.

I was waiting along with him despite the fact that I know nothing about what was happening. After a few moments we were called in, the technician handed us the ECG report (wondering why..?!?!)  she started explaining the report and told us about the intensity of the heart beats, the rhythm of the waves and how we really felt for each other through the diagram. I was elated with what she told and was waiting to get out of the room as fast as possible to know the reason behind this. Coming out of the room, looking into my eyes, he explained that he had to make an everlasting memory of the beginning of our lives together and thought why not have a combined heart beat’s rate of both of us framed for the rest of our lives as a memorable start. Being speechless, tears rolled down my cheeks in joy and I hugged him tight; thanked him for the memory he made.



Sneha Reddy Konakati

Sneha Reddy Konakati

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