here and there

Do not know why? Why,

A D.C incident, an incident in far off place

In India, I neither fully belong to US

Nor India, but both bring me tears

A farmer or a citizen


Yes, am old and not that proficient in both the languages

Am still a human right?


These tears do not stop

People who died in the Capital

Or the farmers who are starving


At the outskirts of Delhi

Tells the story of future, an extrapolation

From the past, we know

It will not stop, neither here

Nor anywhere, it is not the start


A cycle of repetition, hail Hitler

Or Jai ram or Allah ho Akbar

coming back(when we’re without,)

The death knell is turning into

A morning bell


It did bring the world into that Iron hug

That word may be parish now

“Aryan,” but is dancing around

Around in Europe, U.S, India and everywhere

May be a color here and a shade there

A God here and another


But my tears are as salty as yours

Cause more then blood the wetness

On our cheeks make us, U.S,

And make us Indians, and make us humans


Ravikiran Timmireddy


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