Anil Dyani’s Telugu Poem “Procession”

Anil Dyani is a passionate poet, writer, narrator, translator, and copy editor with an M.Com from Nagarjuna University. He’s written three books. “Enimido Rangu,” “Spelling Mistake ,” and “Gandhari Vaana” are a few examples.

He wrote over 100 articles on Telugu poetry. The majority of the articles are published in leading Telugu dailies, monthly magazines, and web magazines. He has received numerous awards for his poetry. He worked as a sub-editor for monthly magazines and the Poetic Prism publication 2021. He also mentored children and young children during literature workshops.


We are known to a greater number of people

After we are gone, than when we were around

That day everyone is related to everyone else!

If crying is the yardstick

There is no way of measuring certain things.

 Like the children that come

In between our legs

While walking,

Some thoughts stop us

Crowbar, pickaxe or a rope

Come out of their hidden places

On their own accord, that day

For laughing amidst the flower plants

They too express sorrow in solidarity

And dignity

After sometime as the burden grows

Whispers galore ‘when do they

Take it out.’

 Some new and some old clothes…

When we pack

And are about to leave

The sweat that dripped into the foundations

Spreads up to the walls as moisture,

All the streets turn into albums of memories

And chat with each other.

Last processions

Were all agreements drawn long ago-

Heredity becomes a burden and

Demands the shoulder to be shifted

To bid last farewell

To the caves dug long before, is

 To give one last definition for sorrow

When one turns back

After finishing all the rituals

An old granny with her back bent

Sweeps away all the bonds

Thrown in front of the houses!

‘How many times have I seen them all!’

– she washes her hands off

A lamp stands flickering

In front of the house.


Syamala Kallury

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