Whirlpool of Time

Time’s a whirlpool

Past present future

All coalesce

Memories flit

Moments of love, joy

arrive and retract

Like the rolling waves

to be filled in by memories of pain, misery


Emotions are cyclical

Like birth of a day

at dawn

When love blossoms

reaches its height

Like scorching noon

when fiery lust burns


With eve, passion mellows down

to smear its soft orange hues across the sky

When love matures

partaking of cravings

Till the heart closes

and dusk shuts its eyes

When love absolves all

the night awakens to lost dreams.



Sun and moon


We started as two fire balls
Two heated suns
Each burning and adding to the heat
Your heat and heated words
Words that cooled my steam
As metal lid that holds the
vapour bubbles
Drop following drop
I cooled as the sea
Arising in the eve as the moon
Now we dance and move
Sharing the same sky
From afar, completing

And complimenting
Beauty of the sky



Constant Love


Woeful mind, heart in dregs

I looked up to the skies

Clouds drifted across an airy sky

slowly the moon showed its face

which was hidden from the world

Its cool beams soothed my heart

I felt your love flash forth

from circumstantial clouds

Constant and resplendent

in its elemental glow

as the distant stars

fiery balls of light

appear miniscule

when viewed from far

Socially distant love seems faint

glowing inside the heart

Clouds, rains, darkness, eclipse

may hide the celestial bodies

but like my love it’s always there

deep inside me as life!


Madhu Sriwastav

Madhu Sriwastav is an academician, poet, translator, reviewer based in Kolkata. She has been published in National and International Journals and magazines of repute such as Setu, Teesta Review, Borderless Journal,
GloMag, Das Literarisch , Invoking the Goddess Withing by Kali for Women, etc Her debut book of poems is Trips Climbs Circles which has been well reviewed.

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