Two Poems by Sahendra Mallick

  1. Whispers of Night


When night falls, and silence prevails,

A whisper in my heart, it hails,

Letting go of all that weighs me down,

As I listen to the serene sound.


The stars twinkle in the sky,

Tiny sparks of cosmic light,

A reminder I am but a small part,

Of something wondrous, a work of art.


The moon above shines like a guide,

Reflecting light on the world so wide,

Its silvery glow a mystical hue,

Filling countless eyes with wonder anew.


In the darkness, I stand and stare,

At the infinite expanse so rare,

Awe surges through, bold and true,

In the night, beneath the starry hue.


In this moment, I am free,

A part of something grander than me,

Grateful for this gift of life and love,

So white, so fleeting, like a dove.


With each breath, every second’s sway,

Living moments my own way,

For the night is but a transient dream,

Mystery lies in every scene.


  1. Chess?


Chess has never been my game,

I struggle with each move,

Perhaps my strategy’s to blame,

Or maybe I just can’t improve.


I’m always second-guessing,

Thinking too much, or not enough,

My weaknesses are pressing,

And my confidence is rough.


My mind races ahead,

Or maybe it’s left behind,

Either way, it’s like I’m led,

By a player who’s resigned.


There are games I excel in,

Chess isn’t one of those,

But with practice, patience, who knows?

Someday, I’ll master the chequerboard.



Sahendra Mallick is an undergraduate student of English literature at Brahmananda Keshab Chandra College, Kolkata. He also works part time as a content writer. His poetry primarily reflects his connection to human emotions, nature, and life’s mysteries. Apart from academics and work, he enjoys playing video games, appreciating them as an interactive medium for rich narrative exploration.

Sahendra Mallick


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