Reign of Rain!


Sharp blades of freshly washed grass carry on them the still persisting water droplets… Tiny, tender green leaves sprout from the previously barren buds and the roads are all clean and washed… As though nature is welcoming festivity.

It all begins with the soft pitter patter of drops on our window sill. That’s when we realize its…Raining! Beauty…isn’t it, as the clouds which till then gleamed with rays of shining sun, slowly turn gravely grey. The refreshing petrichor sets in us all the calm; at times making us nostalgic. Moments of great pleasure, simple yet unknown fill the time when light drizzle mildly spatters on top of us…! 🌧 Astounding, as the all-clear air turns misty and the pitter patter turns into a wild downpour and unfurls its fury with the help of lashing winds. Pity to watch it slowly recede and come to an abrupt halt.


Yuck! Mucky and dingy everywhere. It’s as though the onset of a drizzle welcomed all tiresomeness. Tones of wet clothes pile up on hangers waiting for their turn to be dried and it never comes…! Nights filled with power cuts and the days with endless, tiring traffic on the roads… rains just create a havoc! Numerous puddles erupt from nowhere and one wrong foot is sure to land you in a pool of mud. Ah! The very sight of grey skies set in all the lowness. Well… how disheartening to cancel all our outings owing to a downpour. Nothing better to do than sit by the window, gloomily, waiting for it to pause, so we can go out and play. Literally, cloudbursts bring everything to a halt!

Isn’t it interesting to note how two very controversial arguments can be drawn from a simple experience?

Whatever our perspectives may be, none of us can deny that a cup of piping beverage ☕or a bowl of hot fritters is always welcome on a rainy eve!


Srujana Karri

Srujana Karri, a student of Class 11, is an avid reader and aspires to be a poet and writer. Driven with passion towards writing, she has been trying her hand in penning down her works since an early age. She wishes to explore new genres and keep writing.


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  • Simply beautiful…
    The description of the rain is mesmerizing. You expressed the entire scenario with precision and grace.
    Great job 🙂

  • So pleased to see you accomplishing great things. You have penned down fantastic lines. Wonderful composition. Still remember the trails you used to make and show me in class 5 so happy seeing you so poised .Keep it up Srujana. Wishing to read many more from you. With warm greetings.
    Ranjana Ma’am.

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