Read the poem carefully…

When the whole world is shaking in war and turmoil, when humanity is screaming out of the fear of losing lives, poetry is the only solace to take shelter to get a fresh gust of cool winds amid the unruly genocide in Palestine.

Books, not to be mentioned is a kind of refuge to me all along.  Writing poetries, articles, to delve into the books is a diversion to breathe amidst the grey clouds of abuse, hatred, tyranny against humanity where the only language is blood and weapons.

Nilim Kumar is an eminent poet of Assam whose poetry is simply musings, a tidal flow of lyrical enlightenment which showers bizarre yet blissful euphony of myths and legends, of love and deprivation, of hope and despair, of heaven, hell, earth, dreams and so many folds of life.

While a part of humankind deliberately became ignorant and chose to be silent against the rowdy situation that took place both in our country (Manipur violence).and Palestine, a couple of people argued and disagreed with the oppression and turmoil and quite decently protested against the ongoing genocide.

Where scarcely we are seeing any light of hope to revive peace and harmony, poets like Nilim Kumar held their pens to show us some glimmer of hope through their mystical flow of epiphany.

The poet’s profound and vast span of lyrical enlightenment widely noted in his poems which made me awestruck.
His manoeuvre of pondering in the sphere of both romanticism and modernism knocked the consciousness of a reader and one would compel to give credence to his congenital excellence in poetic ecstasy.

When the poet writes:

‘ A poem is about to die.
Look, how a poem tosses and turns.
The first two lines have collapsed.
The middle stanza has turned into a ball in pain.
Blood drips from every pore of the words.
Some words have dried up like sand.’
Imagine his unbelievable poetic musings how his way of imagination flowed from one cliff to another, crossing the gorges and waterbodies.
of his surreal yet real insights.

In another poem, when he writes:

‘Read the poem carefully.

It’s a confession of sin. It is the dazzle of darkness under the soil, ( read this dichotomy) a gust of wind from the crematorium, the still water of an ancient lake, a handkerchief, a flag, a dew- drenched flower, the gathering sunshine in your heart, a garland made of hundred stars.

I haven’t read such varieties of profundity in poetry currently, even a handful of poetries I read where in a single poetry, a poet crossed simultaneously numerous whorls of blue azure.

Nilim Kumar is an Assamese poet, hence the poems are translated stupendously by Dibyajyoti Sarma, without whose translations, I couldn’t be able to delve deep in this blue azure of poetic waves.

How each poem is translated with adequate grandeur and both the poet and translator went beyond borders of fantasies, of their visual brilliance is truly laudable.

I bound to request the readers who are mentally, psychologically devastated, traumatized by the hatred, agitation and turmoil of the humanity, would read this bewildering musings of poetry which would a perfect Elysium of refuge in this ongoing hostility.

Save humanity, stand against oppression but protest the venomous animosity decently. Poets like Nilim Kumar, Translators Dibyajyoti Sarma is in their constant efforts to bring back the solace and peace with their tireless contributions.


Sonali Chanda

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