Paradise on Earth?

More than 250 million go hungry, finds UN-led report(Politico)



Over 250 million faced hunger.

Yet, some grew fat —

were forced to follow diet plans.


Millions face hunger.

Millions face starvation.

Millions of children starve, die.


War — is it over borders,

Or, over the very existence of humanity?



Nabta Playa was green long ago.

Now, as the Nubian desert, only

sands blow. In the womb where

humankind cradled into existence,

humanity dies of starvation. And

yet, we create our own Gods? Do

Gods dwell in an unknown heaven

or in your heart and mine?

Are Gods in favour of mankind?


War, born of greed, deals

only hate and death. There

were no borders when humanity

was born, no land from which it

was torn. Then came asabiyya,

the brotherhood of men, till

some sprouted roots. Some,

like the mean giant grew

gardens with fences, where

children who strayed were

killed by the ogre till love

of a child turned the tide.

And the giant shared his

paradise with fruits that

quenched hunger.


Is paradise

a distant dream? Or is it

here on Earth, created by

only love?


Haminastu, Haminastu, Haminastu


Can love solve hunger

with sharing and giving?


Image: Rafi Haque

Mitali Chakravarty


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