Paint your life and two more poems



Does it hold you back? Does it let you free?
Does it trigger you? Does it let you down?
Does it make you feel ashamed?
Does it shut all doors for you ?
Does it make you question yourself constantly?
Does it make you feel worthless?
Does it make you regret?
Does it make you restless?
Does it eat/gobble up your present?
Does it allow you to laugh?
Does it allow you to take long breaths?
Does it haunt you?
Does it mock at you?
It does only what you let it do
You have it all under your control



Paint Your Life

Paint Your Life
Life is like a piece of art
It requires lots of heart.
Choose your paint and your brush
Take your time, avoid the rush.
Before you paint, choose your theme
Don’t be afraid to follow your dream.
It’s alright to make a mistake.
Your painting is real, not a fake.
Look at your painting, don’t keep crying
Begin again, keep on trying
Your painting is never fully complete,
Enjoy the process, make sure it’s sweet.


Hear me lose it

Shit! Did I just lose it?
Should I be ashamed?
Am I too young to be lose it so soon?
Now how will I face the world?
I just lost the most cursed 9-letter word starting with a V
My V.I.R.G.I.N.I.T.Y.

It has been a few months
since this happened.
I must say it was very painful.
All of a sudden my brain went numb.
I felt dumb for letting this happen.
It suddenly felt
like the world around me had come to a standstill. I suddenly could feel the foreign particle inside my body
that just didn’t belong to me.
I bled and that ached even more.

….And that’s how
my hearing aid was put into my ears
the first time.
Henceforth serving the definition
of losing virginity–
any foreign particle that is put into your body
by an external source

by applying force leading to the breaking of tissue and causing blood.

That then was the story of me not being a virgin anymore.

D. Vaishnavi

D. Vaishnavi is a third year undergraduate student pursuing Liberal Arts at Pandit Deendayal Energy University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Her interests include music and dance.

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