Your journey began before you were born

And your nemesis came not even after your death.

You opened eyes and found yet another Universe

Which took you in its arms, gave a warm bath wiped you and fed you

While you cried …”No! I am a million years old; this is only a stop, and a new tavern to rest!”

You thought of the light and darkness

You remembered the ions and sound waves

You felt the jump into hyperspace

And the fall on to sorrow- land again

You were the mass of protons and photons that made you and unmade you forever…


But you voyaged here into the smells and freshness

And the de ja vu ancient flavors of the delivery room

To start a new sojourn in time

To a universe that taught you new feelings action laughter and sorrow

Then it came, the oblivion

The feelings faded, you craved for energy, love and affection.

You grew into a kaleidoscope of emotions

Into a new labyrinth of sensations

Into a new cataclysm of pleasures

Into new skills, victories and quests for unachieved glories

Then all your masses of electrons and photons yours and only yours surrounded you hugged you or hurt you

You flew in the mass of ions confluent but separate unified

Yet disparate enormous but unique, with multitudes of time But still with silence of eternity…till one by one the ions left you

Left your degenerating cells and withering consciousness

Wiped your memories into nothingness

Your pleasures into exquisite pain

Your existence into misery of solitude

The end of yet another journey began

And the cells ruptured into more ions

Some into the air, some to the earth

Some into the flowing waters of the rivers, and

Some into the burning flame of fire

And your journey continued, continued and

Continued as ions protons and photons

In a million and trillion directions

Till you reached in your eternal voyage yet another abode of

New conglomeration of being growth and annihilation.

But never the ultimate quest fulfilled of

Stopping the pilgrimage and finding the stillness of



Painting: Satya Birudaraju



Madhu Chittarvu

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