Naina Dey’s Poems


When I saw us

down a street of shadows

hand in hand

I made my own story

With you

I can make stories by dozens

Of lost loves

violets and pomegranates

and unsung poems

With you

I can float

my paperboat of secrets

peppered with shame

my sighs filling its sails

on the stream of tears

that reflects your face

an azure sky

startled by the green rush

of wild parrots

With you day is day

and night is night

and everything in between

poised, expectant

for a moment of purity


as a drop of dew


at the edge of being.

Love and the Holy Book


We stood on the balcony

you and me

listening to the baul with his ektara

our hearts filled with longing

I would like to read your Holy Book someday

I said

by way of feeble conversation

Turning to me

with lips and eyes

of tulips and scented cypresses

you replied

I would love to read you.



Naina Dey

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