My Soul’s Communion with Nature

In silence are they heard  –

Dancing winds, laughing clouds

Chirping birds all sing aloud.

There is a communion of my soul with Nature’s soul.

Strolling on the trail alone

Under the canopy of tall trees ten- fold.

Golden sunlight gushing through the leaves

Embracing you in its warmth and glee.


You are no more on your own

As Nature surrounds you three- fold.

Gazing at the deep blue sky,

Which slowly absorbs you in its depth

And swirls you afloat in its vastness.


Look yonder where the ancient mountain range

Rests since eons in its complacent phase,

Like a gigantic well- fed and sedate.


There is mystery in the holes carved eerily on the trees

You wonder what all is hidden in the deep.

The upturned- roots wind and wind as meandering snakes,

Engulfing the broad trunk up till its length,

And underneath, the agile squirrels play and peck on food,

Inviting you to meditate on

Nature’s strange and silent pace.


Nature’s soul communes with mine

As it uplifts and swings me in its windy arms,

My soul too responds to nature’s sounds

And leaps out unto the sky

And experiences a momentous joy!!


Cheena Puri

Cheena Puri is an Associate Professor in English. She had previously worked as officer on special duty in Rajasthan State Higher Education Council. Her doctorate thesis was on the British writer Iris Murdoch. Indian Literature in English, and the Indian Diaspora writers are her other areas of interest. She has to her credit many literary, articles published in national and international journals and a volume of poems Some Reflections of Life.

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