Mileposts and two more poems



Mileposts?  I let out a guttural laugh at a

fancy that often jerks me with numbing

pain –  almost a scab that surfaces and

ebbs with an antidote.

Mileposts look so similar, also sinister

as if it is a shadow one chases with

nose buried in the sand.

When the winding path leads to a post

it appears a stranger In the distance.

The shadow tantalizingly evades your grasp.

Is it a mirage, delusion or reality?

I would only swallow the query, not digest it;

Ashes too taste good at times, right?

.               2.  

Look back in……amity

Does one count the footsteps when

he has trekked a long way down?

Turning back to see the pot-holed track

is rare for memory covets only the crest.

Passing moments encrypted in mind

like a star, shimmering and yet afar;

Moments for which the heart craves,

mind sings a harmonious tune.

Sublime as the dawn’s breeze or

the twilight’s parting golden wave;

They keep the veins coursing through,

                   rein in the rugged vessel on its course.
Inside the park…
The tree’s sturdy stem, curved

spaciously like a plastic chair,

can embalm your aching back,

nudge a meditative voyage;


I marvel at the buoyant family

of trees defying time with

its stately, statuesque courage.

Unless a mindless arm lounges

To fell its arm, its bounty to wind;

Luxuriant foliage arching

over the vast park fill the silence

with a nourishing, feisty fragrance

needled only by mews of chat

the walkers share;  A few share

smiles with me or raise an arm

In greeting;  “Resting eh….”

Is the unexpressed friendly

gift of a query.


What they did’nt fathom

was the stream of thought

inside ……”here is Nature’s

unrequited booty…. without

a price tag;  A bemused spectator

of the fallible humans who

do not weigh its worth….”

KS Subramanian

KS Subramanian has two published volumes of poetry to his credit - Ragpickers and Treading on gnarled sand - by the Writers Workshop, Kolkata. His poems and short stories have appeared in several web sites and anthologies - museindia, Inkspire, Different truths, Indian ruminations among all. He is a retired senior Asst.Editor, The Hindu.

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