Linear B

Star shaped fish, martial

Falling from lambent skies

Under the great dipper

Of cosmic truck, galactic

Crushed drop of human love

In tubes fallopian

Projects Moses in dimensions 3,

Onto ziggurats, pyramids hybrid avatar

Sleeping chamber for boy Pharaoh

Grey haired fairy, fugitive

Paradisiacal reject, spermatozoa.


Stretch him out in diagonal shapes

And measure offsets from heaven and hell

Today a fugitive pendulum

Seeks justice from time.




Umar Nizarudeen is with the University of Calicut in Kerala. He was a Ph.D scholar at the Centre for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. In an eclectic career spanning over a decade, he has taught in various colleges of Delhi University, University of Kerala and has worked as staff reporter for the New Indian Express, and as Proof Reader for Mckinsey &Co. `Muse India', `Vayavya', `Culture Cafe journal of the British Library' are some the journals where his poems have appeared. A few poems were broadcast by the Yuvavani program of the All India Radio.

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