Do you remember Jaana when I told you that
love belongs to the true believer! When I said this,
I meant love make impossible achievable. But how
ill-fated am I! You couldn’t trace the signs of my sighs.

Before leaving you said, ‘Be a servant and you
will be free for eternity. But you forgot to mention,
‘servant of whom?’. Since then I have been looking
for a master- trampling deserted like a madman.

Should I wait for Sheerin or look for Laila or
annihilate in the path of Shams? I’m confused.
The essence of this path is not bound to any place.
I don’t see any sign or address or letter you have
left for me. Should I wait for angels to open
my chest with a revelation?

I have become a stranger in my world. I could
no more feel the spirit but the flesh and the
scattered limbs. The baffled powerless voice
is stuck in my throat- choking life out of me.

Jaana I still remember the resurrection of flowers that
we had planted in the barren soil- the scent and the
Jhelum’s lullaby. I know our yesterdays are drowned in
death- the perpetual sorrow awaits at the door pane but
the fallen pages of our calendar are still full of fragrance.


Imran Yousuf

Imran Yousuf is a Poet/Writer/Columnist/ Translator from Kashmir, India. Currently working as Columnist and Journalist, he has contributed his poems to various reputed magazines, journals and international anthologies. He has co-authored more than 10 anthologies and has also written a series of articles, about the great Sufi Poets of the Kashmir Valley (starting from 14th century), which were published across various newspapers and magazines and now being compiled into a book (to be launched soon). He is presently engaged in interviewing the current generation of great poets from the Kashmir valley. The articles will also be compiled and given the shape of a book soon.

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