Exclusivity- a research

From the leaves of Paris
were born chansons made for Édith Piaf

Only there it is possible to write a chanson “Life in Pink”
and always simultaneously wear a black dress with wide cleavage

When the legend died at the age of forty-
years of
a French chanson that was in the cabarets and music-hall of the Right Bank in Paris and especially in the
Montmartre district

with the 26-year-old lover
she left at her death.

Only in Oslo do works of art take on importance as dowries of great value transferred for bodily use and not for the purposes of marriage.

Like the sculptor Wigeland,
who posthumously bequeathed his statues to the Oslo municipality
in its possession
so they will be open to the public
in Fronger Park, in
a 30-hectare
public park.

Like him,
the painter Edward Munch after he died in 1944 at the age of eighty-one, near the city of Oslo, bequeathed his entire large estate, which included more than 1000 paintings and thousands of engravings
and drawings
to the city of Oslo.

To that end
only there do they build recognition on the names of
solitary and tormented artists
and add an honorary title to them before the name, and not casually.

Only from the Jerusalem stones the old does not wear
a new character that preserves a 4,000-year history

Only in Jerusalem are people symbols, they speak symbolically
walk and meet in symbolic
Only in Jerusalem
when the mind weakens, the people
think that the sun and the Spirit, the sky that leans on them, are all
but symbols that need
perusing the only city1 in the world where the right to choose is granted, even to the dead
only from
it2 was born someone like me.

1. Borrowed from AB Yehoshua
2. Borrowed form Yehuda Amichai

Tali Cohen Shabtai

Tali Cohen Shabtai was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and is an international poet of high esteem with works translated into many languages. She is the author of three bilingual volumes of poetry, "Purple Diluted in a Black’s Thick"(2007), "Protest" (2012) and "Nine Years From You"(2018).
A fourth volume is forthcoming in 2021. She has lived many years in Oslo, Norway, and in the U.S.A.

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