“Daddy, can you buy some of your time?”

I hadn’t seen my dad in three months, as he got transferred to another city. I’m dying to see him; I want to tell him so many stories and I want to go out with him!

But he lives a five hundred kilo meters away from me

I miss him a lot…

I feel to call him but the inner me always says “Why do I have to call him, can’t he call me?” Which is an anger with love.

Earlier he used to play with me, take me out sometimes and we would have so much time together.

I understand that I’m supposed to focus on my studies most of the time but apart from that am I not allowed to spend time with him?

That’s what I feel nowadays.


School for today is over, I rush to my bus and settle down and keep thinking when will my stop reach.

I keep my hand on the arm rest and my fist is clenched, my face is resting on it, as I get closer to my stop, I look out to see whether my dad is waiting for me or not.

There I saw my dad; my face was all sparkly looking at him. I got down the bus with an extreme excitement.

Dad took my bag and crossed the road holding my hand.

After crossing the road, dad lifted me up multiple times, my happy levels were infinite and I was giggling.

He removed my shoes, gave me a bath, put on some fresh clothes, opened a box full of mulberries which he just got from the store today. He always brings me some new varieties of fruits even though they’re expensive, with the amount of happiness I saw in his eyes, that made me feel bloomed.

In the evening we were going to the park where me and dad would go on almost every weekend.

We both sat in the car and dad drove the car to the park.

Whenever me and dad would go out, I would always prefer to stand in the front seat or sit on my daddy’s lap, making sounds by joining my palms together… I would make sounds like “Vroom, vroom”, some times daddy would join with me and make such sounds.

As we entered the park there were so many trees, plants, daffodils, roses, lilies, and a beautiful little pond full of pink, white and violet lotuses. It was a park full of lush greenery.

The breeze was light and the clouds in the sky were fluffy and white!

There was a big mango tree filled with mangos!

Dad looked at mango tree and then saw my eyes looking at the tree and drooling on them.

“Lana, do you want to eat mangos?” Dad asked with an excited expression.

“Yes, daddy!’’ I said while opening my eyes widely.

“Do you want to pluck them?”

“Yay! I want to.” I was jumping in overwhelming happiness.

I climbed up on my dad’s shoulder and put my right palm on my dad’s head

Slowly, I was plucking them and throwing them downwards and just like that I plucked 5 mangos.

I got tired and told daddy to get me down.

He broke the mangos into a half using a stone.

Dad grabbed some packets filled with paprika and salt, after that we both went to a big rock and sat on the rock.

Then we both had sweet-salty-spicy pieces of mangos, I ate the pieces quickly and then I asked daddy if we could play now “Daddy, daddy lets do a running race over there in the sand!”

“Okay! Lana, let me complete the last piece”


Later… when daddy ate the mango, we were doing a race.

I was looking back at my dad and was running

“Daddy, daddy, daddy… Look I’m running faster!”

“Yes, Lana… hahahah”

I wasn’t paying much attention on the front side…

Because of that I fell down badly.

“Ahhh… daddy” I was crying a lot.

Dad lifted me up and said “Oh! Lana, did you know you hit the ground not yourself, it is scared of you. Noting will happen!”

“Ohh, really! I hit the ground”

Immediately, I jump down and checked whether the ground got hurt or not, looking at it with wide-staring eyes.

Daddy also kneeled down and was looking at it with me

“Daddy, daddy see the ground is hurt! Oh, dear ground, I’m so sorry…”

After saying that, daddy also joined with me in consoling the ground.

We both pampered the ground.

I felt really sad when I hurt the ground, dad noticed that and told me “It’s okay Lana! Look at the ground it’s trying to become your friend”

I patted the ground with a smiling face.

I turned around and saw my dad clapping, I rushed to my daddy and hugged him very tightly!”

It was Saturday…

I was asking daddy to go to fishing since a few days, so as it was a holiday today, we were going. Dad drove as fast as a rocket ship.

We reached the fishing pond and got out of the car and took out our fishing line…

As we got closer to the pond I started playing with the water, daddy would lift me up near the water and I would beat the water with my feet, the water splashed on daddy and he got all wet.

I asked daddy to fish because I didn’t understand how to do it.

Daddy caught a fish and I felt very happy, but as I saw it struggle to get back in the water, I didn’t feel very happy about it and was getting tears from my eyes.

“Daddy, please let it go, see how it’s struggling!”

“Okay Lana!”

He lets the fish go back into the water.

I felt relieved when I saw that.

Dad noticed that and hugged me.

Later we come home…

I see some kids playing and riding cycles and even I wanted to ride one.

Recently, daddy got me a cycle which he wanted to teach me.

“Daddy, will you teach me how to ride a cycle?”

“Yes Lana”


Daddy brings the cycle from upstairs and teaches me how to ride it…

I sit on it and daddy tells while holding the seat and handles “Lana just keep peddling”

“Daddy, I’m so scared”

“It’s okay, don’t be scared I’m holding you!”

Daddy teaches me how to cycle and finally I was riding it on my own.

I felt it fun and was riding for hours.

My legs were paining after riding it for a long time.

While sleeping daddy massaged my feet and I feel so good.

After that day, daddy would massage my feet everyday while sleeping.

I would feel myself as a princess and go to sleep.


Nowadays, whenever I call him;

“Hello! Daddy, how are you?”

“Hi Lana! I’m good, how are you?”

“I’m good too daddy!”

“How are your studies going on?”

“They are going on well daddy!”

“Okay Lana! I’m busy right now I’ll talk to you later!”

It’s totally different now, I only talk with him about my studies.

I feel really lonely and I miss my ‘dad’ so much

I want to spend time with him, enjoy with him, have fun with my dad.

Whenever he’d come to visit me, he would only stay for 2-3 days that too watching phone and doing his office work.

One day, I was feeling very lonely, so dad made a video call;

I looked into his eyes and was hiding my tears.

“Daddy, I’m missing you a lot”

“Lana, I’ll come soon.”

To cheer me up he tells me;

“Do you want me to order anything?”

“No!” I said rudely.

“Ohh! My baby, should I order pizza for you?”

“No, Daddy!” I said in a low voice

“Then what do you want? Tell me I’ll order anything for you!”

“Daddy, can you buy some of your time?”

Tears were rolling down from my dad’s eyes, including mine.





Saira Khaishagi


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  • “You have the creativity and determination to do whatever you can dream. I hope you feel proud today and confident in your ability to rise to your next challenge.”
    “Sending you heartfelt congratulations today and wishing you all the best on your next story ❤️😘
    Vikas Mittra Saxena
    China Towards Disintegration.

  • That’s the beauty of dad n daughter relation.
    I can understand the agony she is going through.
    She expressed her love n emotions.

    She is eagerly awaiting fr him

    I think u have to make her to understand n support as u r doing now.

    I think he may be very busy n occupied but he needs to spend the time with lovely daughter
    She loves him the most other than u.

    My best wishes n inform him to come n spend the precious jewel which he is missing.

    The childhood memories will b there life long.
    V can’t get back those beautiful time

    He must come n take care of her
    He also get refreshed with u r lovely daughter

    She expressed her strong feelings which are very important n missing too

    I wish he shud n must come n spend lively,joyful moments with her

  • Saira,
    It is written very nicely. Story is short but it’s not that short. It is engaging and father daughter relationship from daughters lens is simply superb. I simply loved that bus stop part where dad is waiting for Lana.
    And the best part is that second last line “Daddy, can u buy some of ur time”
    I mean this question is so deep so touchy and so real….. Wonderful Saira… God Bless and Keep it up.

  • This is so beautiful and I love her writing style.

    Truly a well written piece. So many emotions. And written from both perspectives yet in one voice

    Sending her all my love

  • That’s so beautiful Saira and very touching. You are the best. Keep it up.✍️ Love you sweetheart 😘😘

  • Saira
    Papa ki pari
    Aabhi kal ki hi baat hai jo ghar ghar kelti thi
    Aaj vo kitne aache se aapni feelings bata rahi hai
    I love you beta
    Very simple and touching thoughts

  • My dear beautiful Saira! This sharing of expressions and feelings and human dynamics is just as pure, innocent, loving and heart-felt as you are my dear.

    Stay blessed with the amazing and intriguing penmanship!

    Wishing you love and lights for many such articles!

  • I feel proud of u Saira dear. The little girl ,who used to hide her face with shy , when ever I tried to talk to her few years back .has matured so much at this young age. She had put her true feelings so nicely touching the hearts all fathers. I am sure everyone who read it , will appreciate her writing skills and wish to see her as good novelist.
    I wish her all the best and wish she receives due recognition .

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