The leaves rustled as the moon shone upon the path and all of a sudden, the trees shook with rage, fruit squealed and fell, the rocks beneath started rumbling. Thunder struck my garden and I immediately ran into my villa to my bedroom and,  taking a long stride across the carpet I set out to close the window just before I saw with my blurred eyes a boy-he looked strong, muscular, young,  tall(about six feet) with shabby hair; his eyes were emerald green-he looked at me with a patient yet a hard look. Terrified by the unanticipated appearance I shivered and fell down, just before he caught me and explained about, who he is and why did he need my help. My help? I was astonished by the fact that a small, frail, juvenile seventeen-year-old girl can help this powerful guy!

He pacified me and introduced himself. He said, “My name is Theo. I came here for your help, for finding a mystery door somewhere in your home so as to fulfill my duties for my sacred family. I would have to place a sacred gem over there and travel back to an unexquisited place. Therefore, I need your help Clara. Please don’t be frightened and be brave, assist me.” I froze and replied under my fast breath,” How-do-you-know-MY-name?” He chuckled and told,” We know everyone in this world and please do not ask me how, as, it’s an untold story which I can’t reveal.” A shiver ran over my spine; I saw pure confidence and faith in his eyes.

After hearing his purpose of arrival I tried to recall my father’s words about the veiled, mysterious doors of our ancient piece; he once said,” This home is a special antique place with unrevealed secrets that can be found only through a hidden code in our garden….I have tried many times to decipher but lost hope.” Recollecting this memory, I guide Theo to the garden.

While I search through the loopholes of this place he stood still and whispered a type of mantra and suddenly certain things started glowing around the garden-my mom’s antique vase, the rocking chair, bench and my favourite pot-were bright gold. They were all deciphered and were pointing towards a direction-my mom’s relic. Theo and I proceed towards the vase, it was covered with a code and there was a trapdoor. We clicked on a button and instantly we fell and landed on something hard and he said,” Thanks a ton for your help and this is where we part, sorry, goodbye!” With a quick flash of bright light which flickered on my face, I saw him placing a jewel and then he-disappeared.

I woke up screaming and as if I was teleported from the hidden place, I figured out that I was sitting on my comfy bed but I was confident that this account was not a dream as those golden things vanished and the piece of ruby(jewel) was stuck to my bracelet with a tiny inscription calligraphed-




Morisetti Naga Manaswini is a 15-year-old girl studying in 10th grade in Vibgyor High School. She aspires to become an author and Microbiologist. She is a learner of the classical dance, Kuchipudi and has received several mementos and a Certificate in Junior Examination. Her other interests include gardening, designing, learning classical music and reading books. Inspired by J.K.Rowling, Stephenie Meyer and Veronica Roth'sfiction novels and Ruskin Bond's short stories she wrote her first book "Cold Shivers" a compilation of 12 thriller stories.


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