Chaotic Dark

The tap waters bathed
in the filth which
the soot-coated city
washed off herself with
The drainage pools
heavily pregnant with
damp of tap waters conceived
The mortar-built avenues
fertile to the full with
treasured mines of drainage pools
Alongside the drainage pools
sprouting the fountain-trees
from cement made
The electric blooms
hanging loosely downward from
wings of cement-made fountain-trees
The downward hanging electric-blooms
emitting in profusion
singeing clouds darkest
The singeing clouds darkest
knitting cataract masks to blind
the seeing eyes’ retina
The despaired star-herds
lying on cataract mask-shut retina’s
distant other side invisible
The lonely moon,
endeavouring in vain to solace
the despaired star-herds, herself
fallen flat to the ground, in shame
her countenance concealed
in the cover of a blanket black
An unknown hand’s pat
unforeseen on the back in a query
A fit of tremour replicating
startling dumb desolation
A dismaying silence akin to
echoing splash of melancholy
The faculty we call that sees
melting down in anguished tears

Baireddy Krishna Reddy


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