Amma: My Hero!

Dear Amma,

Probably this is my first ever writing a letter to you in all these years. You must be in the same contemplating situation as I am, thinking what has gotten into me for the very fact that I am not into such stuff. So, here I am breaking the glass ceiling to express my emotions and gratitude towards you through this letter which I have never done in all these years.

Amma, when I think of you myriad memories come to my mind – memories that shall be preserved in heart forever. You had always made it imperative that actions speak more than words and your actions taught me many valuable lessons for a lifetime. It was you who showed me right from wrong when I kept fumbling my way. You have made me realize the value of respect not only for others, but for myself as well. Now, when I look back at every single day, I comprehend how much of an impact and inspiration you have been (and always will be) in my life.

Life had never been a bed of roses to you, yet you faced every challenge life threw at you with strong will power and unwavering belief in the almighty and always told that whatever happens is for our own good. Your attitude of never giving up but living up to the challenges is an inspiration not just to me but everyone around you. Whenever I was experiencing my low tides, you assured that even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise and probably, it is this assurance from you that resonates within me and serves as a lifeline helping me to grow through the adverse realties that cross my path.

You leave me awestruck by the way you empathize the near and dear with your sunny smiles encapsulated with positive vibes bringing along the warmth of love and a ray of hope. You had been a true catalyst in transforming me from being an extreme introvert to what I am now. Regardless of what others had to say, you let me go to experience life for what it truly is. Like a skilled professional you chiseled my soul so exquisitely at every phase of life and with each piercing stroke that fell, you had always been beside to revive and succor in the quest of exploring the new ME. Certainly I wouldn’t have become the woman I am today if it weren’t for you. You always put up with my unpredictable, incomprehensible mood swings, and countered them with nothing but love and kindness. You have sacrificed more than I thought humanly possible, for my happiness and I owe absolutely everything to you. You are my idol of strength and resilience, the pillar of support I look up to and utterly grateful for being your daughter.

There have been so many times when I think of you and wonder how a person can find such inner peace and gratefulness with the simplicity of life. Talking and listening to you makes my day and of course it’s my best spiritual detoxification mantra.

Amma, I am and will still be your little daughter no matter how old I get. As we continue to progress and as life gets busier, I will still make room for you no matter what. I promise to be by your side to share the experiences as we unfold the new chapters of our lives.

This letter honestly should be much longer than it is— there’s so much more I should thank you for. But, just know that not a day goes by without me feeling incredibly blessed that you’re both my mom and my best friend. As I end this letter, unknown tear drops roll down my cheeks thinking of you…

Love you Amma, to the stars and beyond…


Doting Daughter…




Suchitra Reddy

Suchitra Reddy

Am Currently working as a software professional. Apart from the mundane IT life, I love to pamper the creative side of me. I love to read books of any genre. Our Indian Epics fanatasize me a lot leaving me awestruck everytime I read them. With the love for reading I have started to pen down short stories a year back. I shall continue to write as it gives me a high everytime I write.


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