A song stuck to the ceiling:

A rain drop clung to the eaves,

me to the edge of my world;

thanks to the hug of love and life

that kept me up.

My musical eve is alive.

I was raining all my life

drop by drop, shower by shower,


tenor by tenor;

lovable is the life: the liquid track.

Beautiful is the rosary of my times,

the garland of roses with thorns;

lovely and wearable, though.

Let the life’s sour be dropped off


the last drops of wine cherishable.

I am a song stuck to the ceiling;

the sublime blend of life’s music,

the nectar notes of nascent Nature,


the melody of this beautiful world

keep my wings afloat.


the sinking tones too are enchanting


the hanging moments yet amusing.



:Dialogues and Dialectics:


He hurled his inquisitive agates

at the faces on the streets.

Scores of questions – endless,

answers – Elgin Marbles – philosopher’s;

Athens offered him Hemlock,

aftermath – the unborn Dialogues – Platonic.

Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis:

road to Dialectics.

Thinking, fighting and rethinking!

Dialectical Materialism!

The dialogues, dialectics,

manifestos and all isms

are but the offshoots of logical deductions;

logic kindled the physical, mental

and Platonic worlds,

logic swirled the spiritual spheres.

The cerebral pines

of two semantic hemispheres

– the East and the West –

grew sky high,

their greenish clouds bridged the ancient globe

at the pinnacle where both the worlds met

in disguise!


Ramaswamy Nagaraju

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